Bin Bath’s innovative truck mounted high pressure, hot water wash unit will clean your bins responsibly!

small-truckWe are ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY with an on-board water recycling system that captures and filters contaminated water! Please spread the word that Bin Bath has a solution to those stinky waste bins! Our clients have noticed a dramatic decrease in bear and pest activity with regular bin cleaning. If rodents, pests or flat out stinky bins are a concern in your neighbourhood BIN BATH® can help.


Environmental Accountability

All water used is recycled and reused after passing through a 5 point filtration system on our self contained unit which holds up to 400 liters of water. The contaminated water is collected in the onboard wash bay, filtered, then reused.

The average ‘do-it-yourself’ clean with a garden hose can use up to 300 liters of water all of which drains into the storm drains in your neighborhood. Not only is this wasteful but the contaminated water is flushed into your streets as well.