Changes coming to the City’s garbage, organics and recycling collection services beginning July 1st 2014. No changes will occur before this date.
Moving to a cart system.

Single Family Dwelling residents are currently using their own bins to collect garbage and Green Can (food scraps & yard trimmings) materials.  The City will be providing wheeled carts to each Single Family Dwelling for the collection of garbage and Green Can materials.
Moving to an automated collection system for garbage and organics.

Residents’ garbage and Green Cans are currently collected using a manual system that requires bin contents to be tipped into the collection vehicles by hand.  Under the automated system, a mechanical arm mounted on the collection truck will lift the bins and empty the contents into the trucks.
Collection frequency.

Garbage bins and Green Cans are currently collected on a weekly basis.  As of July 1st 2014, the new Garbage Carts will be collected once every 2 weeks while the Green Carts will continue to be collected on a weekly basis.
Collection of recyclables.

Multi-Material BC (MMBC)* will be responsible for collecting recyclables from households receiving curbside service in Coquitlam beginning  July 1, 2014.  MMBC will be hiring a private contractor to collect these recyclables. The City is working with MMBC to create a smooth transition from the City to MMBC for recyclables collection.

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*MMBC is a not-for-profit organization formed to develop and implement a residential stewardship plan for packaging and printed paper for the Province of B.C.

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